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Auto Transport: A Roadmap

When you are moving, not only do you need your home furniture and personal items shifted, you also need your car moved to your new home. There are many ways to transport your car to your new home.

Options to get your car to follow you to your new home


  • Tow your car along with the truck you rent for moving.
  • Drive your car separately to the destination either before or after the moving process.
  • Get someone else to drive your car to your new home.
  • Use the services of an auto transport company to ship your car for you.


The most convenient and cheapest way is to tow your car along with your rented truck. However, the better way is to utilize the services of an auto transport company.

There are a few things that you should know when considering using an auto transport company to shift your car.


  • Auto transport companies are generally accessible through brokers, though you can approach the company directly.
  • The automobiles are shipped on large trucks or trailers, but more on that later.


Service options when choosing auto transport facilities

Door to Door Shipping

Here your car is delivered as close to your home as possible and not to your doorstep. This is slightly more expensive than terminal to terminal shipping.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping

Here the car is delivered to a company terminal or check point which is a warehouse of sorts from where you have to pick your car up and drive it to your home. Terminal to terminal shipping is convenient and cost effective to the company and hence this option in auto transport facilities also works out cheaper for you.

Trucks and trailers

When using an auto transport service you will be given an option of what type of truck or trailer you would like to be used to transport your vehicle.

The two main types are:


  • Tractor trailer trucks — cheaper as can deliver more cars at once. Slower mode of transport as these are slow moving vehicles.
  • Pick up style trucks — More expensive as the car is delivered close to your doorstep. Faster mode of transport as the trucks are smaller and also these can navigate smaller streets.


In both the truck types you have the option to go for an open trailer type or closed trailer type. If you are concerned about natural elements attacking your car then a closed trailer is a better option. However, the closed trailer option costs a good deal more than an open trailer option.

Another option is to ship your car on a multi-car transport trailer or on a single car trailer. Obviously, the single car trailer is more expensive.

Choosing the auto transport company

When choosing your auto transport company do so with care. Ask around amongst your network of friends and associates and use Moving Truck exhaustively.


The auto transport company will have a broad and basic insurance coverage for damages during transport but the extent of coverage may not be adequate for the true value of your car. Ask to see the insurance details from the auto transport company. You can also choose to pay for additional insurance so your automobile is adequately covered.

Before handing your vehicle over


  • Make sure that you have noted any scratches or damages to your car beforehand. Take photographs from various angles so you may have proof of the car condition before hand.
  • Remove all personal items from within the car. This includes any electronic equipment like CD/DVD players or GPS Systems.
  • Disable your car alarm.


This article is meant as a general guide so you may have a good experience when using auto transport facilities. Your auto transport company representative will be there to guide and help you regarding any further details that you may wish to know about. The companies will also provide you information on what they expect from you when handing the car over to them.