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Truck Rental Rates: What You Should Be Looking For

Moving means work. Whether you are business or a student or a homeowner, when you have to move it becomes a little stressful as there are many things you need to keep track of, and finances are always a concern no matter how much you earn. One of the ways to make a move that is least stress-inducing and at the same time very economical is to go in for moving truck rentals.

Moving truck rentals offer you convenience and peace of mind. When looking at various companies and trying to decide which one is right for you, you will obviously look at the cost factor. Here is a brief guide on how to evaluate truck rental rates and what you should be looking out for.

  • Size matters: Choosing the right sized truck is one of the best thing you can do to optimize the rate factor in moving. There is no point in taking a small truck (costs less) and making multiple trips. At the same time there isn’t any sense in choosing a larger truck if it is more than you need. Do some thinking and pick the brain of the company representative in order to pick the right sized truck.
  • One way is a paradox that works: One way truck rental rates are higher than regular truck rental plans. However they work out cheaper if you consider the larger picture. You will save money on fuel and toll fees that you will need to incur to return the truck back to the source. You will also save time which lets you get back to your earning enterprise as soon as possible.
  • Unlimited fuel is a great money saver: One of the best ways to save money is to go in for an unlimited fuel plan. The truck rental rates again may be higher than regular truck rental rates but the money you save on fuel more than makes up for the higher rates.
  • Paraphernalia costs: When most people look out for truck rentals and compare rates they instinctively go in for the cheapest price offered as long as the quality of the trucks is more or less the same, and the company reputation is good. There is a little more to truck rental rates than the cost of renting the truck itself. There are other costs to be considered like the cost of moving aids that the company provides, like ropes, locks, temperature controlled storing facilities, packing material if you require it, hand trucks and dollies and other such facilities.
  • Free miles: What you should be looking out for is the free miles that are offered and the costs to you after the free miles runs out. Depending on how far you travel, this is an important consideration when comparing truck rental rates
  • Insurance: An important factor to be considered when comparing truck rental companies is the cost of insurance that you will have to incur if you go in for their service provider. Often, taking insurance from the truck rental company is convenient but it drives up the total cost to you. This is hence also to be considered when you compare truck rentals in the terms of costs and rates.
  • Understanding Value:

    Cost and value are two different things altogether. Whenever you choose a truck rental company, do not look at the truck rental rates alone. What you need to see is the quality of service being offered to you. Even simple things like polite and helpful staff are important considerations as they make your moving process simple and peaceful.