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Pickup Truck Rentals: A Cheaper Alternative To Professional Movers

Moving homes is a harrowing business. There is so much to do and so much expense to take care of. In planning your budget for the move it is sensible to consider pick up truck rentals as a moving option. Pickup truck rentals are convenient and inexpensive. The major pick up truck rental companies are U haul, Budget, and Penske.

Each have a variety of pick up truck rental options that you may consider when planning your move.

Our site has been designed to help you make an informed decision about which pickup truck rental company you would like to utilize. simplifies your moving process and reduces the troublesome task of sifting through numerous company websites or making personal visits that you may otherwise be required to in order to choose a pick up truck rental that suits your budget and at the same time gives you the best of facilities.

The information on this website is provided free of cost and is meant to aid your decision making process when it comes to pickup truck rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions about pickup truck rentals

I am a little tight on budget. Will I get a suitable pick up truck?

Pick up truck rentals are one of the most cost effective options when moving homes. In contrast to hiring professional moving companies you stand to save hundreds to thousands of dollars. There are various options available within this industry too. The cost incurred by you will be dependent on whether you go in for one of the bigger names or you opt for a smaller company. Size of the pickup truck rented, distance to be covered and whether you opt for a driver or go in for a self drive package will all determine your costs. Weekdays are cheaper when renting pickup trucks as also are the winter months. You can also negotiate for discounts once you decide on the
pick up truck rental company you like. Most companies are flexible and open to discount schemes. You may have found discount coupons in your mailbox which these companies will honor. Don’t worry if your budget is stringent, you will find a good option available.

When is the best time to move?

There is no clear answer to the question as all days are equally good. Depends on which month you are thinking of – May to September see heavy bookings so if you plan to move during peak season make a booking several months in advance – at least 3 to 4 months preferably. Winter times are generally avoidable as you don’t know when you might get caught up on road because of poor weather conditions; however, if your route is not one to be susceptible to inclement weather then winter time gives the best discounts.

What size of truck should I go for?

Trucks are available in various sizes. Pickup trucks are used when the cargo weight is not more than 1,735 pounds. Pickup trucks are best for moving large items. If your moving needs differ then there are other options available and the company representatives are very helpful in these matters. You can discuss what the different truck sizes are available and which would suit you most

Will the company provide me help in the packing process?

This facility is available. The pickup truck rental company will provide you packing and loading assistance if you are willing to pay the charge. However, if you have some friends or family members to help you out, then you could forego this facility and instead consider paying for a company driver as driving long distances is strenuous to say the least.