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Moving Companies - Are They The Right Choice?

The US Census Bureau estimates that 40 million Americans have moved over the last decade. One can well imagine the numbers in the game—it almost appears as if moving has become the American way of living and a strong component of the American Dream.

Generally, use a variety of options to facilitate transportation for their customers, including special container vans (for shipping containers) for international moves.

Licensing requirements for moving companies

It is a requirement that interstate moving companies be licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a segment of the United States Department for Transportation. The US National Trade Association for the professional moving industry is known as AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) and is headquartered in Virginia.

Binding and non-binding estimates provided by moving companies

As a general norm, moving companies offer two kinds of estimates—binding and non-binding estimates. While non-binding estimates are not tied in to a fee, with binding estimates you are generally required to pay a fee. Although both kinds of estimates are in writing, a binding estimate gains value as a contract once you have agreed to all the terms.

The cost component of the move is influenced by a number of factors, such as number of man hours needed, distance, number of items, size and weight of items to be moved, and others.

Moving companies—tips and guidelines

  • Given the seasonal nature of the moving company business, avoid moving during summer, weekends, or end-of-the month. These periods are generally very busy as many individuals plan their moves around the time.
  • It may be a good idea to purchase insurance. In fact, many moving companies have partner insurance companies that allow you to purchase insurance. As an alternative, you could speak to your own insurance agent.
  • Inform the moving company about the exact address you are looking to move to. This will allow precise calculation of the distance.
  • Get the company representative to make a visit to your home before they give you an estimate
  • If you want the moving company to handle your packing, then ask them to include this in their estimate. Packers and movers have special packing materials for different furniture and belongings. Trying to pack very fragile items on your own is a little risky as you may damage the item owing to your inexperience in packing.
  • If you require storage before or after your move, you should let the movers know inform you of the costs for the same.
  • Other charges: There are various charges that a moving company may levy. Kindly inquire in detail what additional charges you should expect.