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Safety Tips When Driving a Moving Truck

Life is uncertain. We don’t know what turn it will take next. Change is inevitable and the only constant. Make new moves the right way and you usher in happiness and good times. What you can do to set up a smooth transition when physically moving from one place to another is to look at hiring a truck rental for moving.

There are various companies that are into offering truck rentals for moving. The bigger names in the business are U haul, Penske, Ryder, and Budget. There are also smaller companies in the fray; hence there is a lot of competition in the business. This only augurs well for you as you get the best service and the best rates. Once you are done with the haggling and negotiating there will come a time when you will actually be on the road and driving the truck. Since most people do not drive trucks every day, it is a little difficult to manage, especially the first time. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when driving a truck.

Before you make the journey

  • The truck is different from a car: Okay. That does not sound like something you don’t know. What I mean is that do not assume that if you know how to drive and are used to driving a car everyday to work and back, you will become proficient at driving a truck in an instant.
  • Check that everything is functional before you accept the truck: Verify that the truck tires, rear lights, and head lights are working properly and also that there is adequate fuel in the tank. Perform a comprehensive evaluation of the truck when you hire a truck rental for moving. No surprises.
  • Do a test-drive first:
    Whether you are a pro at hiring a truck rental for moving or a first timer, please take your truck out after you have received it for a small test spin. Just to get comfortable with the model.



  • See that you are fresh and have had a good night’s sleep. You cannot afford to lose your attention for even an instant when driving a truck. Hence see that you are well rested before starting out.
  • Timing is everything: Whenever you are looking to hire truck rental for moving, understand that timing is very important. This does not only apply to making bookings on time, it also applies to starting on time. The earlier you start the lesser traffic you will face and the more breaks that you can take along the way to rest.
  • Stay away from alcohol: Driving Under Influence (DUI) is a punishable offense. Do not risk your life or others’. If you have taken any drugs like anti-histamines – these will also cause drowsiness hence do not undertake the responsibility to drive if you are on medication. Truck rental moving companies do offer the option of using a professional driver just in case you need one.



  • Obey the law: Fasten your seat belt and observe speed limits
  • Tall Order: Your truck is a beast of mammoth proportions, treat it with respect. See that you are aware of your route and at what kind of overhead bridges you will face. You would not like to return a truck with its top off.
  • Turning Point: Trucks have larger radii of turning so exercise caution as you deem fit.
  • Backing up: When you need to, see that you have someone guiding you.
  • Avoid tailgating: Please drive safely and avoid dangerous driving habits that can cause an untoward incident. Tailgating must absolutely be avoided at all costs.


Hiring a truck rental for moving is a sensible and cost-effective option. If you follow our safety guidelines you will reach your destination in no time and most importantly, completely fine. Take care.