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Cheap Moving Truck Rental - Moving Without Burning Your Pocket

If you are looking to move distances, and your budgetary constraints
prevent you from going for grabbing the shiniest truck of them all, don’t despair for there are several options available where you may find cheap truck rentals that suit your pocket without tying you down.

Facts that you need to know when looking for cheap moving truck rentals:

Cheap moving truck rental companies vary in charges

Smaller companies are looking to establish their client base and induce growth in their business. Hence they may not look to make the greatest amount of profit. Penetration pricing is the key for such companies and they are often willing to reduce their profit margin so they may get mileage from giving you cheaper moving truck rentals. Hence when looking for moving truck rentals look out for the smaller companies. At, we have identified a wide spectrum of cheap truck rental companies—varying from the small to large. The option of shopping for them in one convenient place means you save.

Weekends cost more

Everyone likes to push their moving process to the end of the week as they don’t lose out on working hours. This means that a moving company will be busiest on the days that everyone else rests. This also means that during weekdays when the world works, a moving truck rental company has lesser clientele and non revenue generating periods. You can take advantage of this if you decide to plan your moving on a weekday. You can negotiate better discounts, bigger and better trucks and better service because any customer is better than no customer.

Look for value

Unlimited mileage is an excellent option if you are looking to travel large distances in an unknown territory. It also works very well if you need to make several short trips. Hence if you are a company that needs to make a number of deliveries throughout the day then an unlimited mileage plan works out to be the best way to get your truck rental cheap.

One way truck rental: Also understand that if you are traveling interstate the best way to get cheap truck rentals is to see that you find companies that have multiple offices all over. This allows you to lower the price of your trip by negotiating with the truck company as if it needs a particular truck at a particular location then you could time your moving trip such that you move and at the same time they get their truck there without using their own resources. Negotiating and speaking to the company representatives and explaining your needs works wonders.

Timing is everything

The busiest time for the truck rental business is May to September. That’s when everyone wishes to move. This means that a high demand for vehicles during that time will
prevent you from negotiating good deals. If you are willing to travel during winter and during non peak season then feel assured that you will find yourself a

cheap moving truck rental
with great ease.

Angel in the mailbox

Well, fortunately, you don’t have to look for the best deals in your mailbox. At, you can hunt for the best bargains with just a few clicks.
Companies looking to increase their customer base are more then willing to honor our clients with cheap truck rental rates.

These are just some of the tips to finding the right cheap moving truck rental to save you money and at the same time offer you value for your hard earned money.