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Packing Guide: Organization is Key for a Smooth Moving Process

It may be a job transfer, or you’re off to college, or you bought a fancy new home at the other end of the country. Whatever your reason, when you need to move you are faced with a myriad of choices. Should you go in for professional movers or should you go in for truck rentals for moving? Whatever you choose – choosing a company becomes the next important step. Which company is the best? Which company offers the best prices? Which company makes deliveries on time? For the sake of assumption, let us suppose that you have eliminated the need to hire professional movers and decided to go in for truck rentals for moving.

Let’s see what you should be looking for.


  • Competitive pricing along with great machines, great service and a hassle free moving experience.
  • Multiple options and plans covering business or home owner needs.


Packing tips


    • Start Early: Packing takes time. Start at least three to four weeks in advance and more if necessary
    • Categorize: Prepare lists of all your items and decide which the essential moving items are and which non essential items are.
    • Do not carry excess clutter with you when you go in for truck rentals for moving. Dispose off whatever is non essential at garage sales or donate it to charity.
    • Organize your list in two groups – first organize it according to size and weight. This will allow you to keep the larger items packed and ready out in the front and the smaller items will follow behind. The next organization level should be room wise. This will give you great ease and control when doing the unpacking process later.
    • Collect everything that you need: See that you have got all the material that you need to start the packing process. See that you have packing boxes, bubble wrap, tape, post it, furniture pads, stuffing material, labels, plastic sheets, locks, scissors, ropes, – whatever it requires. Some companies provide you with preconfigured packing kits – these are expensive but extremely handy. You could buy one kit and use it as a base to make your own kit with purchases from the local supermarket. This will give you the organization wisdom of the truck rentals for moving company and at the same time save you unnecessary expenditure.
    • Prepare a moving day travel kit. This should include flashlights, insurance and other papers, road maps, laptop or tablets, checkbooks, ID’s glasses, games for children, any prescription drugs, house keys and any item that you may need on the road. Keep these in a separate drawer right before you even start packing because once you have kept them aside there is no chance of them getting misplaced or packed accidentally with other items. This is an extremely important step in the packing process when going in for truck rentals for moving


  • Choose boxes of various types and yet maintain some sort of standardization. Choosing an assortment of three different sizes of boxes should cover most of your needs. Each individual item should be packed in such a way as to minimize dead space and
    prevent damage during transfer.As far as possible pack your electric equipment in the original packing that came along with it. Reinforce these with bubble wrap.

    As a rule reinforce the bottom of all boxes with extra tape to prevent any box from giving way.

    These are just some of the tips for better packing when going in for truck rentals for moving.


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