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Moving Truck Rental Comparison

How to do a moving truck rental comparison and come out tops

Your relocating experience need not become a moving story that involves shedding of a bucketful of tears. Drama should be left for the theatre.

The best way to get the best is put in the legwork. Attention to detail is what makes the difference between Okay and Wow. This does not mean that you have to go in for the most expensive service available but it does mean that you can get the best service available that you can afford. Optimizing our options makes us get more.

There is a slight hitch to all of this, however. We can’t spend inordinate amounts of time researching everything; then we’d never get anything done. This holds true in all aspects of life and most certainly in renting moving trucks. A comparison of moving truck rentals is a must to get the most of your value for money; however, it is difficult to put in the time required to do this comparison properly. Here’s where moving truck rental .com comes handy. We are a free resource and we do all the groundwork and legwork for you. We do make money but not from you. We get paid for solicitations that are directed from our website. However we do not represent any particular truck rental company and we are connected to multiple companies. We put in adequate research to give you unbiased information that you find useful. We also provide a moving truck rental comparison that you can use; if you feel it is inadequate or would like to know more you can use our comparison as a base and build from there.

How do you make moving truck rental comparisons?

  • Compare fees: This means every fee possible and not just the charge for the rental. Look out for late fees; over the mileage fees, and all other charges that a truck rental company may levy. Know all these in advance and read your contract carefully.
  • Minimum mileage offered on your basic truck rental fee: This is important if you want to travel large distances as if your minimum mileage allotted is low then low rental fees would not be adequate compensation, and you will find that you have to shell out more for the additional miles covered.
  • Check whether the companies have multiple offices and drop off points at various places: This is extremely important if you intend to go in for a one way truck rental as you want to find a drop off point as close to your intended destination, as possible
  • Charges vary at various times: Any moving truck rental comparison should take account of the charges going to be levied depending on your due date. Weekends cost more as does moving from May to September.
  • Compare the variety of options that you can avail: All moving truck comparisons must take cognizance of the various options that companies give you. For example truck size. The range varies from 10 feet to 26 feet. See that the size that you prefer is available with the company of your choice. Another example would be unlimited mileage. If you are looking for an unlimited mileage plan be aware that not all companies provide such a rental option.
  • An absolute must: Moving truck rental comparisons must take into account the cost of dollies, hand trucks, furniture pads, locks, ropes, ramps, boxes, storage containers especially if you need a temperature controlled container, and all other accessories that you may need to execute the moving process. If you find certain costs high then either you will have to look at another company or have to arrange for accessories on your own.
  • Company reputation: This is something you can find out by asking around within your friend circle. You will come to know what the service is like, whether the trucks are of good condition, whether the staff is helpful – stuff like that. These things are important when you are considering which company to opt for and any moving truck rental comparison would be incomplete without this.


Fortunately, has done all the groundwork for you and you can click, compare, and save right here.