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Moving Truck Rentals: Your Moving Process Is In Your Control

When faced with moving decisions, one often feels flummoxed when it comes to planning and executing the moving process. After all, these are your belongings and you want them handled with care during transportation. You wouldn’t want your favorite bedside photo frame to be shattered to smithereens during the move. The easy and cost- effective way to move is to go in for moving truck rentals. Fortunately, moving truck rentals are much cheaper as compared to professional movers and at the end of the day you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the moving process.

Money is certainly an important aspect, but the best part of choosing moving truck rentals is the control you have on the entire moving process. You can pack the way you want, load with all the care needed, and drive safely till you reach your destination—with your belongings intact.

A couple of things that you need to know when going in for moving truck rentals are:

Types of services available

  • Self Service, Self Drive.
  • Self Service, Company Driver
  • Full aided service with company driver


Self Service, Self Drive has different types of plans associated with it, for example you could have one in which you choose a one way moving truck rental or another where you go in for an unlimited mileage moving truck rental.

Moving equipment and peripheral sourcing

When you are going to move you have to keep in mind packing and loading needs. Moving truck rentals are such that in addition to providing you with the truck, companies provide you various peripheral aids that help during packing, loading and unloading during the moving process; which can either be hired or bought, depending on what equipment is involved.

Things that you will need to aid in the moving process:

  • Packing material – boxes, lining material, furniture pads, tape, plastic covers, locks, bubble wraps, and loads of other stuff. It is not necessary to buy these from the moving truck rental company as you can pick up these materials for cheap at yard sales or local grocery or retail stores. For example, the best place to get boxes cheap will be local retail stores as they discard boxes from time to time and a lot of them are in very good condition. So you can pick them up from there at a very low price.
  • Loading material: You will need dollies or hand trucks – it would be better to pick these from the moving truck rental company. They may also rent them out to you also.


When choosing amongst the various moving truck rentals, see if the moving truck rental company provides you with a facility whereby you can take your car with you — towed by your truck itself — in that case you need not come back for your car later.

The best way to find good moving truck rentals is through the Internet. The World Wide Web is an excellent resource to do research quickly and efficiently. You could also make personal visits to various moving truck rental companies but that would take a considerable amount of time and effort. Alternatively you could use and trust us to find the right moving truck rental for you. is a free resource and we are not representing any particular company. The information on our site is unbiased and given from a neutral standpoint. We would be happy if you find our information resource useful. Do send us feedback if you have any particular information that you wish we would elaborate on.

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Good luck with your moving process and we hope that you make a happy and safe transition.