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One Way Truck Rental - Eliminating the Need to Return Vehicles Back

Drive, arrive, stay and relax. That is what a one way moving truck rental offers you. It is hassle free and a sensible alternative to other moving truck rental options.

Here’s why:

  1. One way truck rentals provide you the convenience of dropping off the truck at a company site that is near to your new home. This saves you the trouble and the expense in terms of time and money that you may incur in order to drop the truck back at the source.
  2. If you are running a business that requires moving goods from one area to another, then again one way truck rentals are a great boon for you as you can drop off the truck at the nearest drop off point. This comes really handy when you are delivering goods across large distances. One way moving truck rentals allow you to avoid the hassle of owning and maintaining a truck for transportation of goods. If you are a new business then one way moving truck rentals are really handy.
  3. The fees associated with a one way truck rental are higher as compared to your regular truck rental hire, however, very often a company may need a particular truck in a particular area, if you manage to be part of that process you could ask them for a size-able discount. They get the truck delivered and you get a benefit.
  4. Gas is becoming more and more expensive day by day — a one way truck rental saves you money on gas that you may incur to return the truck.

What you should look for when going in for a one way truck rental


  • When you decide to go in for a one way moving truck rental, make sure that you choose a truck of adequate size. It would defeat the purpose if you had to make a return trip to carry back what you left behind.
  • See that the truck is in a good condition. Check for tire condition and fuel levels before you set out. Make sure that any damages that may already be present on the truck are reported as you wouldn’t want to be held responsible for them later.
  • You have the right to receive a soil free truck. If you notice that the truck you have been handed over is unclean and dirty from a previous trip, refuse to accept it and ask for a newer one. You shouldn’t have to clean up someone else’s mess.
  • Make a test drive with the truck before setting out. If you check the truck properly, and everything is in order then you can travel without the anxiety of a breakdown possibility. A breakdown in the middle of nowhere will drive your schedule haywire; and you must also understand that the one way truck rental company may require that particular truck at your drop off point; if you are late they are also going to be late, and in today’s world time is of essence to everybody.
  • Companies charge for late deliveries and you are hit with a number of late penalties and fees which you can avoid by simply starting out early on your trip. Also try to select routes that see less traffic. One way truck rentals are already a little more expensive than other moving truck rental offers. You would not want additional fees hitting you.
  • Make sure you fuel up adequately before starting out. If the one way truck rental company requires you to return a full tank then make sure you receive a full tank when it is delivered to you.
  • Scrutinize the agreement with care so that you may not get any unpleasant surprises later in terms of fees or penalties.
  • Compare various one way moving truck rental offers before choosing one. Making a spreadsheet helps you in comparison, and you will be surprised how charges can vary across companies.


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